But first... a Public Service Announcement

I've started this blog for a variety of reasons:-

~ I've had it with the so-called filmmakers of Bollywood who churn out crap which they claim to be movies.
~ Hollywood's become almost as bad (the fools try but Bollywood's best baby!) with some seriously mind numbing fare.
~ I don't think I can trust the 'movie review guys' out there... I mean... some consistency fellas! While I'm all for different opinions, some of their reviews seem a little wonky
~ I want a forum to air my grievances about the torture that actors and directors put the viewer through. OK fine! so I wanna take the piss outta them...
~ Always wanted to do one of those teamblog things (and am hoping that a few friends will oblige). Teamblog also becoz I dont get around to seeing all the movies out there but I'm hoping to cover a decent majority with the help of above-mentioned friends.
~ I'm hoping this blog takes off and becomes one of those cool websites that will make me famous! In hushed whispers shall they speak of me and my merry band.The One Who Reviews...
A few things to be kept in mind:-
  • All reviewers will try and be as unbiased as possible (I'm already doubtful on this one)
  • Reviews should be kept shortish. Unless you are exceedingly harsh/funny/bitchy in your review, keep it at under 700 words.
  • Mention must be made of something in particular that pissed you off.
  • No matter how bad the movie, they must write atleast ONE nice thing about it. And comments like "Well, the nice thing was... I didn't rip my arm off and hit myself with it!" do not count.
  • All movies to be rated on 5 stars or any other cosmic object you fancy.
  • Format to be followed - REVIEW > PISS OFF ELEMENT > NICE COMMENT > RATING
OK I am not a expert on films. I am just one of the aam junta that loves watching movies. And while I don't watch a lot of movies, I do wanna write about the ones that I do.
So hop on board and let's take a ride on the Review Train - from the mild-tap-on-the-knuckles review to the let's-shove-bamboos-up-their-arses blowouts!
yeah mate... was feelin' a bit English here wot