Prince of Jeeeeezzz!

Hello hello been a while and I felt bad that this blog was gathering dust so decided to whip out the old fluffer and do something about it. This time's torture my friends is truly a classic! All the reviewers I respect said that this movie was so bad it was worth a watch. They were right and they were SO FUCKIN' WRONG! Prince as a movie left me drained. I was on a break out of the city when I saw it and feel like I need another one.


Prince is a thief. Apparently.
I say Apparently coz the pseudo-Batman getup made me wonder.
He wakes up one fine morning in a remote South African mansion having lost his memory.
No... his name is Prince not Jason Bourne. There's even an ID card in the movie to prove it.
Yes... you read correctly. An ID card which has Prince on it. One name... like Bono... or Cher.

Why am I watching this movie?

Prince is accosted by different women who wanna and do have sex with him.
Sex with Prince... good for Prince... I'm guessing not so great for the women.
There's some coin which is super important.
No one knows where it is and of course Amnesia Boy is really no help at all.
Coin causes Prince to go into some kind of retard spasms which kinda look like dance moves for some reason.

Still wondering why I am watching this movie?

More shit happens... no wait I think I'll call it feces... it sounds dirtier.
The coin is being hunted by everyone in the movie.
But eventually Prince...

There's a packet of slice bread here and a bottle of Iodex by the bedside... hmmm...

It's all a blur folks and for once I am sooo glad it is.

This is the real story of Prince.
Kookie Gulati (El Director) was a young lad when Kumar Taurani (El Producer) broke into his house and killed all the men and raped all the women. Young Kookie vows to avenge his tragic loss.
Years later he begins to work in the industry. He slowly starts wining the trust of KT who eventually allows him to direct a music video. From there Kookie goes from strength to strength till he breaks into the movies assisting on Bollywood movies. Slowly but surely he inveigles himself further into the inner circle of KT.
He knows the only way to exact revenge is to hurt KT financially. He convinces KT to invest in a 40 crore project with Vivek Oberoi as the LEADING MAN.
Release weekend - Kookie rides into the sunset thinking, "I have gangraped KT with this farce of a movie. Vengeance is finally mine..."


This movies is a never ending sequence of Piss off elements. There was soooo much crap being talked about the coin. Oooh scarryy coin... ooohhh mean coin.... Shut up!
Not to mention the plot holes so big the Grand canyon might seem like a coin slit on a PCO.


The movie has been shot quite well. Like a friend said, "Tabyet se paise kharch kiya hai...". Some of the FX were pretty good.
Also those fake tats on Nandana Sen... Nice! That's tattoos... not a typo... dirty mind!


No... I don't think so.