Right... so it seems I am not going to be able to start this blog on a good note. As you may have noticed, the origins of this blog go as far back as February this year. I just haven't had the time or the inclination to get this blog going. However over the last few weeks, the so-called cinema I have seen just made it impossible for me to not vent about it in a public forum.

A bit of backstory here to help you understand my state of mind. Me and Sam (who will also give his vishesh tipni across this blog) occasionally will subject ourselves to some of those typical movies you see on Zee Cinema, SET Max, Filmy and other such channels. Now you have to understand we watch movies which feature Dharam paaji, Jumpin' Jeetu, Mithunda and the like. So we know what we're in for. But over the past many months we have also watched movies by today's film makers and we think the latter movies make the former look like cinematic masterpieces.

It's time to fuck the case of these dumbasses who wasted my time and money show these folks the error of their ways.

Let the show begin!

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